Reflective Journal: Part 1 (Themes and Short Films)

I have been asked to develop ideas for a 2 and a half minute short film. In December, I will be pitching my idea in front of my course tutors. As well as a presentation, I will also be producing a production pack for my film which will include every planned aspect of my film.

For this assignment, we were given themes to help develop our ideas. Upon receiving the brief, I decided to go through each theme individually and think about what each one meant to me. With perspective, I thought about how each human being has a different perspective on what’s right and what’s wrong. For contact, new technology came to mind and the development of technology and how it’s changing our world and the way in which we communicate. I continued going through each theme like this and I realised that it was difficult to come up with something that wasn’t slightly cliche.

I watched a number of short films such as The Last Man on Earth (Carlo Ortu) and Still Life (Jon Knautz) for inspiration. By watching other short films, it was easier for me to envision what I needed to include in my own since 2 and half minutes isn’t a long amount of time to grasp an audience.


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