Reflective Journal: Part 2 (Group Work and Individual Research)

In order to develop ideas, our class worked in small groups and brainstormed ideas working around the themes we were given.

 We looked at each individual theme and came up with words and phrases associated with the themes, as shown in the images below. I felt that by doing this, it allowed for us to help each other in generating ideas. Some words that people in my group came up with, I wouldn’t have thought of when thinking about the theme. This task also allowed me to expand from the themes we were given. BEPKgGMCAAAx7Ed

BEPKRa3CYAIZEWQOutside of group work, I thought about the different words associated with the themes but I found it a struggle to generate ideas simply from words. So, I used other sources of inspiration such as the newspaper and stories on the internet to help me begin in developing ideas. I found a news story on the internet about a group of soliders. One of them had a case of the hiccups and another solider decided to try and scare the hiccups out of him by shooting his rifle which he thought was loaded with blanks, but it was loaded with bullets. Thus, he shot his fellow soldier in the face. I thought this story itself would fit for a short 2 and a half minute film. I thought I could use the story and turn it into a dark comedy due to the fact that it’s such an obscure way to die. My main concern when coming up with this idea was the props, costume and set. I wasn’t sure how I would be able to pull off the scenario with soliders.

I came up with a number of different ideas along with this one. Including a scenario where a woman is sitting in a busy office space and whilst doing her duties she is occasionally glancing over to a co worker and smiling, and he smiles back. Throughout the day she gets post it notes on her desk with messages on them which could be seen as romantic or friendly thus the audience believes that she is receiving them from her co worker. By the end of the plot we find out that really she has been receiving messages from a pyschotic stalker.

A third idea I had was for a mockumentary about a modern day Jesus. However, this needed to be developed further and be given a some sort of plotline.

My ideas were perceived as good, but I was told to develop them a lot more and perhaps make them less ‘bleak.’


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