Reflective Journal: Part 3 (Idea development)

I have been developing my ideas more in order to pitch them infront of my tutors. I have chosen to work with the ideas that I have.

I have looked more closely at my ‘Hiccups’ idea and tried to think of a different scenario but with a similar storyline. So, instead of soliders, I have thought maybe the plot could revolve around hikers. The soldiers plot proved problematic as it would’ve been difficult to get hold of costume, a ‘set’ and a gun of some sort. Also with the hikers idea, I was able to think of a pretty good location quickly which would be fairly simple to get too. The pay off would be similar but instead of using a gun, I thought maybe I could use trick shots to give the illusion that one of the hikers has fallen off the edge of a cliff by being scared by another hiker, they lost their footing and fall. The film would end with a stunned silence from the rest of the group.

The ‘post it notes’ idea I decided to make less sinister. All throughout the day, the female character would receive post it notes from the man whom she is interested in, but instead it turns out to be somebody less appealing. The visual idea I had in mind from this film was inspired by a short called ‘Post – It Love.’

The Jesus mockumentary I have developed further. The plot will follow a modern day Jesus who has claimed to have ‘returned’ for the second time. I want this film to be quite humourous as we see this modern Jesus walking around the streets talking to strangers and  I wanted to incorporate different ‘miracles’ into the film. For example, as he is being interviewd he is drinking water and then when he picks up his glass a second time, he is drinking wine.

I pitched these ideas and the ‘Hiccups’ idea and the mockumentary where the most popular. However both still needed to be developed. I felt mockumentary was a clever and fairly original idea but the plot was nowhere near developed as it should be. With ‘Hiccups’ I had a strong plot and a more clear idea on location. So I chose to run with it and develop further in order to make a strong pitch and film, if it was going to be made.


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