Final Major Project: Research and Devlopment

For my final major project, I responded to the brief by deciding to make a short fictional film based on a story or a poem since I am passionate about literature. My initial idea was to film a modern adaptation of a fairy tale, however I thought this might’ve been a bit too cliche as fairytale adaptations have been done again and again.

However, I still want to take an old story and give it a modern twist. So I am looking at other fantasy like stories such as Aesop’s Fables, Frankenstein, Russian fairytales and folklore.



Online, I read up on some Russian folk tales. One in particular called ‘The Golden Fish.’ However, they seemed a bit too mundane and weren’t very inspiring to read. Although I do own a book of modern Russian fairy tales written by Ludmilla Petrushevskaya, which are also borderline horror stories. So I could create a modern, eerie story with a twist.

My next stage is to read up on these stories in the book and find a story I like and enjoy which is feasible and interesting, and write a synopsis for a short film based on the story. I will also read poems and perhaps research the folk lore from other countries.


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