FMP: Idea Development for ‘Still Friends’

After struggling to formulate an idea from folklore, I decided to go in a new direction and think about the sort of stories in film I like to watch and hear. My favourite director at the moment is Spike Jonze. And I drew a lot of inspiration from him. I wanted to create a fantasy like story but with a sense of realism.

Since I am a strong writer, I decided to write various short stories. Some of them were weak while others were good. A lot of the stories had a re occurring theme of isolation and loneliness. One story in particular was how a little girl became best friend with her doll and other inanimate objects since she couldn’t stand to be around people.

I decided to research if people saw inanimate objects as things with feelings. I came across a lot of forums online where grown adults would admit to speaking to their inanimate objects. This was my main source of inspiration for my film. I wanted an older person as the main character in order to make the story even stranger.

Below is a step by step plot online of my final idea: ‘Still Friends:’

Still Friends is a short film, which can be described as an eccentric and whimsical story displaying humankind’s need for friendship and companionship. The story will follow a nameless girl as we see her day-to-day life with her only friend, an ornament of a woman who she calls Isabel. The story will begin with the main character walking through different rural areas as she is on her journey home. As she reaches her house she notices her gardener. She hesitates to enter the front garden then quickly walks past the gardener who tries to talk to her thus making her walk faster. Without looking back she enters her house. She begins calling for Isabel, informing that she’s home. We see her go into her dining room as she is seemingly still talking to someone in the house and she sit at the table. However the viewer quickly learns that Isabel is actually an inanimate ornament of a woman, which is on the table in front of her. She tells Isabel about her day and occasionally glimpses out at the gardener through the window. The story continues as the viewer is taken to different locations with the main character and her best friend. Most of the time she sits in complete silence with the ornament looking bored and makes occasional comments about her mother who is assumingly away. The main characters state of loneliness begins to shine through as the montage of her time with Isabel goes on. The main character alludes to better times with Isabel, and expresses how she thinks the bond they once had is deteriorating. The film takes us then to Isabel at a train station, as she sits on the platform alone. There are two other girls on the platform laughing and joking together. One girl tells a joke to another and the main character looks and sees the reaction to the joke. She looks away and slightly smiles to herself. The next scene, the main character is at home. She excitedly runs into the room to tell Isabel the joke she had heard earlier. She waits for Isabel to laugh but since she is inanimate, there is nothing but silence. This upsets the main character so she walks away to look out of the window. The gardener is there as she usually is. She watches her for a moment out of the window and then leaves the house. Through the window the viewer can see she is slowly and nervously approaching the gardener to tell her something. The gardener listens intently and then she laughs.


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