FMP: Production Day One

Still Friends Call Sheet Day One

Call time: 10am

Screen shot 2014-05-20 at 14.55.28

The day began at Arrowe Park, where I filmed some shots of Alex walking down a long path in the forest walk.

I started out using the NX5, and following the shot list/shooting script I had made in preperation.

I created a tracking shot by sitting in a wheelchair and following Alex with the camera as she walks. This worked out okay, but not perfect. I did do a variety of shots and some were better than others. I then did a variety of other shots of Alex walking such as a long shot of the path from the side and Alex walking in and out of shot and a shot of her feet on the ground.

After a couple of hours at Arrowe Park, we had lunch and headed to Raby. This is where I decided not to use the NX5 and use the Canon instead so I will have to go back and quickly reshoot the Arrowe Park scenes sometime soon on the pickup days.

We got some really nice footage in Raby, however time was wasted by waiting for cars to drive past, and this gradually became more frequent as it got towards 4pm.

We also had to have a long break waiting for people to leave as they would stop in the middle of the road and feed the ducks in the lake.

I was close to changing the location for this scene altogether but I have decided to shoot again on Thursday 10th and/or Friday 11th and get the shots in Raby I need to be done. I have arranged the call time to be early in Raby so we can avoid cars and the public as much as we can.

All in all the shoot went okay. I would’ve liked to have got more shots out of the way but if I get this bulk of it done before next week, I will feel much more accomplished.



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