FMP: Production Day Two

Still Friends Call Sheet Day Two

Call time: 09:30

Screen shot 2014-05-20 at 14.57.01

My plan for today was to go back and continue shooting at Raby Mere. This time I arrived and started shooting by 10am instead of the afternoon, in order to avoid the public parking up by the lake. The day went pretty smoothly and I managed to shoot the whole scene. However, the weather was an issue as the sun was pretty inconsistent.

Since I had finished shooting a lot earlier, I decided to take everyone back to the house for lunch and I put the footage on my laptop to see which shots I was unhappy with. I made a list of all the shots that were too bright due to the sun and decided to go back and reshoot those particular shots. Altogether there were only 6 to re shoot so I tried to do it as quickly as possible in order to avoid the strong sun and the public.

Overall it was a more successful shoot than the previous week and I have managed to finish one complete scene.


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