FMP: Production Day Three

Still Friends Call Sheet Day Three

Call time: 10am

Screen shot 2014-05-20 at 14.59.25

Katie dropped out last minute to act for this scene, so before shooting began I had to ask around for more actors to play this small role. Luckily Anastasia knew another girl from her drama course and brought her along to play the part.

We spent the entire morning on the Wirral at Port Sunlight train station. 10am seemed like an ideal time to start shooting as it was past peak time. There weren’t many people walking in and out of the station so filming was finished a lot quicker than I anticipated.

I filmed every shot that included Anastasia and Isabel walking out of the train station doorway as this was probably going to be the most awkward to do what with the public needing to walk in and out. Fortunately there were only a couple of moments where we needed to wait for people to walk in or out of the station.

After all the shots with the girls I did some individual close ups and reaction shots of Alex, and one long shot from across the road. Port Sunlight is quite a small and quiet community so lots of traffic and people wasn’t a real issue.

It was another day that overall went quite smoothly. I managed to shoot another whole scene in a few hours.


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