FMP: Production Day Four

Still Friends Call Sheet Day Four

Call time: 10am

Screen shot 2014-05-20 at 15.01.55

As usual, we picked Alex up from Liverpool and then brought her to the house. We waited for Vicky to arrive and then began setting up the first shot. There was a bit of a problem as a memory card was missing from the Zoom recorder so shooting was delayed by about half an hour as I sent someone out to buy a memory card.

After that I began shooting scene 1 in the front garden. It took a while as there was one shot which required good timing from both actors, where Vicky needs to keep talking right up until Alex closes the front door. I wanted it to sound natural as possible and not as if I am forcing the actors to keep in time with each other so I quite particular with this shot.

I then moved on to shooting the very final moment where Alex’s character approaches the gardener to speak to her. I shot this through the window so I set up the camera carefully so no reflections can be seen in the shot. This also took a few attempts to get right as it required decent acting to convey the emotions of the characters without using dialogue.

After that, I sent Vicky home as she was no longer needed for shooting. I kept Alex for a bit longer just to get some interior shots done with the ornament for the rest of Scene 1.

Today, I managed to get almost all of Scene 1 done minus some walking shots in the house. This was the fourth day of shooting so I really need to get everything done in one more final day.

The final things I need to do are:

  • Walking shots in the house to the room where the ornament is
  • Re-shoot some walking shots of Alex outside
  • Scenic shots in Arrowe Park
  • Interior shots inside the house for Scene 4

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