FMP: Release and Consent

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Showreel: Evaluation of Work

As a group, we looked at each other’s idents and ideas for the overall look of the showreels and we chose Holly’s. She had created a hexagonal design using RGB colours. We felt the design was simple, contemporary and versatile to use.

For the design process, the tasks were divided amongst the group. A team worked on the showreels and animation whilst another worked on the poster/leaflet designs. I was assigned a couple of roles within the design team and the showreel team.

Since I am a strong writer, it was my job to write up the content for the leaflets. Writing about each course involved in the show reel, I had to make sure that enough information was included as well as it being short and concise enough to fit onto the small leaflets. I worked with Olivia with the leaflet layouts to see if we needed the information shortened down and to see how it would look best.

I also looked for music/sound for the showreels. I searched royalty free sites for an electronic track and downloaded a lot of different ones and uploaded them onto the ‘Google Drive’ that was created as a way for everyone to view everything that people had created/designed/found. The group decided on a soundtrack from Incompetech called ‘Sky Rocket.’ The modern, electronic music fits in with the overall media theme and is something that everyone can easily listen to.

Overall we are pleased with our final outcome. A lot of last minute changes were made to the poster designs but luckily a lot of different designs had already been created so it didn’t take the group long to quickly decide on a different one that we could quickly edit before submission.

Media Showreel: Ident Research


When researching I came across different glitchy animations such as this. I thought a glitchy ident would fit in well with the showreels and the overall ‘feel’ as we are representing media and production and design. The gltich effect gives it that production-like feel and looks contemporary. It can also work with almost any sort of design.