FMP: Production Day Five

Still Friends Call Sheet Day Five

Call time: 10am

Screen shot 2014-05-20 at 15.04.14

The last day of shooting overall went smoothly, and we were ahead of schedule.

We began by filming scene 1 of Alex walking into the house and into the living room. I expected this would take longer but since it’s such a small segment of the film and now Alex is more comfortable around the crew, it didn’t take as long as I expected.

After that first shoot, we had a quick break and packed up to go to Arrowe Park. I wanted to re shoot some shots I did on the first day as I filmed them on the NX5 and then decided I preferred the way the Canon 550D looked. So I did some quick shots of Alex walking along the path and then got James to film some ambience in the forest. I then took some scenic shots which I think I can incorporate into the opening of the film.

Again, this didn’t take as long as I expected and by 2pm we were in Port Sunlight filming some few last minute shots of Alex walking in another countryside lane. These shots weren’t as planned as all my other shots had been but I felt I needed just more shots of Alex walking in various areas so I did some in a park in Port Sunlight and then some by houses in the same area as Port Sunlight is full of old Victorian-style buildings and I thought would fit with the nature of the film.

By 3:30pm, shooting was over and now I am ready to fully edit the film together.


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