Showreel: Final Ident and Evaluation

This is my Ident for the final showreels.

I began making this ident by creating the shaped logo in Illustrator and then importing the shape onto a composition in After Effects.

To create the distortion effect I used royalty free footage and imported this into After Effects, putting it above the logo.

I then created a new adjustment layer and added a distorted effect called ‘displacement map.’ Under the displacement map layer I selected the stock footage that I imported and this began to create the distorted effect over the logo.

There are other controls that allows you to change the positioning of the displacement map layer; horizontally and vertically. I made slight adjustments to this positioning to create the desired effect.

Next, I trimmed the adjustment layer on the timeline down so it was just near the beginning of the composition. I then duplicated the layer and dragged it along the composition next to the original layer. I did this a few times and added them in random places on the timeline and made them various sizes.

I could then go into each duplicate and change the values of the horizontal and vertical positions so each time the logo ‘glitches’ it would look different.

This overall makes the logo look more fragmented.

Next, I used an RGB split to add to the effect. I firstly did this by renaming the logo on the composition to ‘Red’ and then duplicated two more logos and named them ‘Green’ and ‘Blue.’

Then under effects and presets, I searched for ‘levels’ and applied that to each layer. I changed each of the levels for each layer according to what they were named, ‘Red’ ‘Blue’ and ‘Green.’ I then screened each of the layers.

I added a new null object layer and renamed it to ‘RGB Split.’ I applied an effect onto this layer called ‘slider control.’

I repositioned the ‘Red’ layer by alt clicking on the position keyframe and adding the following expression:

wiggle(10, …. and then used the pick whip too and linked it to the slider control. This finished the expression for me automatically.

I changed the slider control to ’20’ which starts to create the RGB split effect.

To animate this I went back to the start of the composition and turned the slider control up to 50 and then clicked the stop watch button to create a keyframe. I then went a bit further into the composition and turned the slider down to ‘0.’ I did this randomly along the whole composition to create the effect.


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