FMP: Post Production

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The editing process has taken up 3 days so far overall.

I began editing using Final Cut Pro X.

Firstly, I imported all the footage and audio from the different shooting days into separate events. I looked through all the footage and got rid of anything useless and picked out the best clips for each scene.

I arranged these clips on the timeline and synced up the audio. I edited the film clip by clip, rather than doing the main section of the story. For me, editing shot by shot makes it easier for me to get a feel for what the final edit will look like and helps me make decisions much faster about what should come next.

I had to make slight changes to some of the footage and colour corrected a lot of the outdoor shots so they all matched up as some of the clips had blue tones and others had slightly warmer tones. I wanted the whole film to look warm so I colour corrected the cooler toned clips to match with these warmer toned clips.


From the onset of this project I have been looking for music as I have always had particular music in mind from the beginning. I have asked various musicians I know and looked online for musicians to create music for the purpose of this film.

I came across a musician called ‘Mount Weak’ which consists of a solo artist who makes and mixes electronic music using a variety of instruments such as a keyboard and acoustic guitar. Her sound, I felt, reflected the feel for this film and the subtlety of the piece. I have used a song of hers at the beginning of the film when we are first introduced to Norah. The music really reflects the loneliness of the character and fits in perfectly with the style.

I also found royalty free acoustic guitar music to use for the ending. I chose something that sounds optimistic and hopeful to reinforce the resolution where Norah finally leaves the ornament behind and begins socialising with the one person that is reaching out to her.


On the whole I am comfortable with the final edit, however I am aware that some changes will probably need to be made such as audio levels which I will need to learn how to do as I am using a newer version of Final Cut Pro that has slight differences in the way you can edit sound.


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