Media Showreel: Ident Research


When researching I came across different glitchy animations such as this. I thought a glitchy ident would fit in well with the showreels and the overall ‘feel’ as we are representing media and production and design. The gltich effect gives it that production-like feel and looks contemporary. It can also work with almost any sort of design.

DCM Current Entry


When researching current entries for the competition I came across this video on youtube. I have included this in my research as I think it is a weak example of an ident for DCM. The brief asks us to capture the true emotion of cinema, however I find this is too literal and obvious. Obviously, the creator is expressing these emotions through the man’s eyes but it doesn’t really leave an impact as a viewer.

There could’ve been things the creator did better to leave more of an impact instead of staying focused on the eyes throughout he could’ve filmed the man’s eyes more straight on and maybe have done a slow zoom out or use video mapping on his face, just to make it a bit more interesting and memorable.

Brain Games Promo


I’ve decided to further research other animated pieces that use shapes and colours as a form of expression. When watching this promo, I noticed the use of the hexagon and the way the shape moves.

I’d like to use patterns and shapes in this way in my final ident.

D&AD DCM: Research


I decided to have another look at Tigrelab’s work and came across this video of a project the company put together for the Singapore Night Festival in 2013. The animation they use in their video mapping project has given me some inspiration, particularly with the use of graphical shapes and the explosion of bright colours and patterns.